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5 Little Known Facts About Barong Tagalog | Barong Tagalog

What is the origin of the Philippine Natural Costume, Barong Tagalog? How did it evolve from a basic item of clothing to the intricate craftsmanship that is today? The following are some lesser-known Barong Tagalog facts.

  1. Filipinos from Luzon wore Baro. Prior to the discovery of the Philippines, the Tagalog-speaking inhabitants of Luzon wore a sleeveless double of coarse cotton that reached slightly below the waist and was known as Baro. It jas no collar and a front opening.

    Long before the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, the Tagalog of Luzon's northern island wore clothing that is said to be the origin of the Barong Tagalog.The Barong Tagalog, pr smply barong, is an embroidered formal clothing worn by Filipinos. It is dervied from the term baro. It's really soft and lighweight, and it's best worn untucked over a tee. It's a popular choice for formal events.

  2. The handkerchief was created as a barquoe accesory in the 18th century. Contrary to popular opinion, it was worn untucked to indicate a low social status. The true motive was to display in the hand woven needlework for others to enjoy and appreciate.
  3. During the Spanish era, only the wealthy and powerful Indios were permitted to wear Barong with shoes and hats. They were not permitted to tuc their barp, nor were they permitted to have any pockets. It's to set them apart from the Spanish overlords.

    The Spandiards desired distinction between their own identities and the 'natives.' They mandated the wearing of Barong Tagalog but forbade it from being tucked inside the waistband. They also stipulated that the textile material be translucent.

  4. Hand-woven embroidery on the baro's chest was introduced in the nineteenth century.Some changes to the design, notably the collar, were made.
  5. Following World War II, Filipinos modified the Barong Tagalog in order to re-establish the independence, resulting in the creation of a national identity for the Philippines. They shortened the length and added an interior pocket on the left side. To encourage patriotism, several of the designs portrayed Philippine settings.

Barong Tagalog appeals to a wide range of people, whether they are outgoing or reserved. It speaks volumes about that span decades of multi-cultural influences and sheer patriotism, as some have to put it. This is most likely why it is worn with such pride and respect. Because when one wars a Barong Tagalog, he is not just carrying a style, but also a tradition.


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