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5 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Barong Tagalog

Every Filipino guy should possess a Barong Tagalog, the country's most famous piece of apparel. Initially, it seems to be a simple-looking shirt constructed of delicate pina fabric (pineapple leaf) or jusi cloth (originally made of banna silk, but currently jusi is a polyester and silk mix). If you look closely, you'll see the exquisite embroidery and fine detail work that went into this piece. Barong Tagalog is wearable work of art, as we explained in our blog post on the subject

Here are some creative ways to completely revamp your boring Barong Tagalog.

1. Gradient Barong

Graient Barong

Any time you wear a gradient Barong, you'll be making a statement. Now you'll not only look great but you'll also be noticed at business gatherings and other important events. Be bold if you want to stand out.

2. Modern Style Barong

Graient Barong

The appearance of modern blue barong Tagalogs makes them appealing. You'll stand out from the crowd because of ethereal radiance. You may choose and select from many different embroidered patterns and tones of blue. These barongs have a one-of-a-kin apperance. Also it does not scream too much formality unlike traditional style Barong.

3. Barong Tagalog for baby

Graient Barong

Revamp your old Barong into mini Barons for your little one. It is the perfect formal attire for baptism and you can use the fabric of your old Barongs into a smaller one. You can make your baby look well dressed for the occasion as well as save money!

4. Barong Tagalog for Women

Graient Barong

when it comes to barong, women are now able to dress in the same manner. Even thougg it is usually worn by men, you can completely revamp your Barong Tagalog to bring out the feminine aesthethics in it. It has the look of royalty with is beautiful embroidery, ivory buttons, and stunning neckline, which is wonderfully complements the pricery jewelry.

5. Accesorize your Barong

Graient Barong

The last tip to completely revamp you Barong Tagalog is to add some accesories or you can change the buttons of your Barong to make it more glamorous. You can add corsages, pins, gems, or even jewelry to complement your Barong.

For generations, the Barong Tagalog has symbolized Filipino culture and heritage. It's time to put your own stamp on this time-honored look. Fashionable barong Tagalog designs provie you additional options for showcasing the country's culture, independence, and unique personality.


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