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The barong Tagalog, otherwise known as barong, is a traditional long-sleeved national dress of the Philippines and an internationally acclaimed formal shirt for males. Barong Tagalog incorporates elements from both the pre-colonial indigenous Filipino and modern Spanish clothing styles. It is worn by men all over the Philippines, particularly in areas like Angeles, Manila, Legazpi City, Alabang and other major cities in the country. Most tourists to the Philippines would have heard of the name "barong" and may not be familiar with the Philippine-centered word among which is derived from Tagalog.

In Tagalog, caring means a shirt or blouse, while in Tagalog, it refers to a garment or apparel. Barongs are usually knitted garments that are tied at the waist with colorful strings. There are different styles and designs of barongs such as the leggings, kerchief-style, bandanna, cap, underskirt, belted, twisted and many more. These varieties may be folded or flat packed. Another version of barong is the long, slender barong.

The most common use of the barong is for function rather than fashion. It is used to clothe, cover the body and provide warmth during cold seasons. In warm climates, the bearing can be used as a sarong or draped around the neck for a more tropical look. Barong also comes in various colors and patterns such as blue, red, yellow and green. Barong is made from materials such as bamboo, reeds and grasses among others. Some are even and called "folk art." In the province of Davao, farmers still make use of bark from trees to produce bark fabric for caring. Bark fabric is also used in making tapestries and wall hangings.

Barong can be personalized with names, initials, dates, poetry or even slogans. There are custom designs wherein the owner paints or signs his or her name on the barong. It could either be done by hand or by machine. Popular slogans in Tagalog are "My love is not a loan," "give me a birthday present without effort" and "give me freedom". There are also some simple ones like "God is blessings upon your loveliness." While it is true that barongs originated in and for the Philippines, they are now widely used in other countries. They are decorated with beautiful fabrics, embellishments and laces, sometimes covered with silver coins. There are even barongs that look like traditional Chinese garments.

Aside from being a practical piece of clothing, barong Tagalog has become a very fashionable outfit in the Philippines. It became so popular that a number of Philippine companies have begun producing and importing Filipino-made barong Tagalog clothing specially to sell them to customers in the United States and Europe. Nowadays, barong Tagalog clothing can be found in specialty boutiques and small stores all over the world. Even celebrities such as Marlon Brando and Sylvester Stallone have been seen wearing barong Tagalog.

The popularity of the barong has made it an important symbol of national identity and culture. The Philippines is presently going through a period of economic and political chaos. Barong, thus, serves as a symbol of unity and continuity amid this turmoil. It is also a great source of pride for the Filipinos and a source of pride for the country. It symbolizes modernization, progress, and a better life.


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