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The price of Barong Tagalog is one of the most important aspects of this traditional garment. Its material varies depending on its type and design. The more expensive varieties are made of polyester while the cheaper varieties are made of pina, which is a cotton fabric that is woven by hand. In any case, the price of Barong Tagalog will be cheaper if you choose of a high quality brand.

Embroidery is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process so Barong Tagalog price can rise considerably. While a finely-embroidered Barong Tagalog can cost a low as fifty dollars in 1857, today it can reach up to $400 or more. The price of embroidered Barong Tagalog depends on the level of embroidery and the length of pia or jusi cloth.

The barong is a traditional Philipine garment made by Filipinos. There is huge market for this attire in the Philippines. Despite its low cost, it is highlu durable and a good investment for your wardrobe. With a little research and shopping, you'll be able to find a Barong Tagalog that suits your budget. With these simple guidelines in mind, you can start shopping for a new piece of clothing today!

Embroidered Barong is expensive, but if you want the best one, you can choose a high-quality, embroidered version at an affordable price. These garments are traditionally made with a wide range of fabrics, which are often importe from Asia. Morever some brand use materials from the Philippines that are more durable and more comfortable to wear other fabrics. So, you can be confident that you'll able to find Barong Tagalog price that's right for you!

The most traditional style of Barong Tagalog is the jusi. Its price varies greatly from place to place. It's best to check the size of the garment before buying. It is also important to pay attention to the design and materials used for it. The more beautiful the Barong Tagalog, the higher the price. However, you should be prepared to spend some extra money to have it made.

A barong is an important part of the Filipino culture. It has gained acceptance in many countries, including the Philippines. Its price is low compared to other traditional clothes. It has a boosted its demand worldwide. In the past few decades, the barong has gained worldwide acceptance. It is a popular summer clothing for men and women is worn by the emperor, the president and other dignitaries.


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