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How to Look Good in a Barong Tagalog

barong tagalog for men

Filipinos designer's contributes to different styles of Barong Tagalog helped it remain popular in the Philippines for many years now. Similarly, a lot has changed in the fashion industry since Filipniana gowns first appeared.

These are some men who prefer suits since they are universally accepted as formal dress, yet there are others who continue to proudly wear the Philippine's official and national attire. True, the barong tagalog is a traditional attire, yet is beauty and elegance can't be disputed.

Here is a guide on how to look your best in your barong tagalogfor any occasion, whether it's a litte wedding or a major event.

First, you have to choose the fabric material of your Barong Tagalog. A barong tagalog maybe made of variety of materials including cacoon silk, abaca fibers, organza, just fibers and others. The greatest and most luxurios of of all Philippine hand-woven fabrics is pure pina silk, which you may have if you want to stand out but it can be expensive.

Second, pick a good undeshirt. Because the Barong Tagalog is so translucent, and undershirt must be worn below. As a result, what's worn underneath the barong may be a significant impact on how it looks. An excellent investment in your wardrobe is a custom-tailored camisa de chino. If you can't afford it, conduct your research to discover one that is within your budget.

The last and most important is to make sure that your Barong Tagalog fits you properly. Make sure your barong tagalog fits you well to avoid appering lousy. If you want to seem put together, go for a slimmer cut and fit. While you're at it, make sure there is enough area for you to move about confortably. Make sure you don't war a barong that's too tight or too loose.

Seeing how the barong tagalog has evovled throughout the years is awe-inspriing. The barong has become a symbol of Philippine culture and heritage thanks to the efforts of Fiipino fashion designers who are both passionate and creative.


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