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How to Wear Barong Tagalog

barong tagalog

The Barong Tagalog, also known as barong, is a heavy embroidered long sleeved traditional shirt for both men and women, used during festive occasions in the Philippines and other countries around the world. It combines elements from the traditional indigenous Filipino gowns and western European clothing styles. It is popular among Filipino women and other people in the international communities who visit the Philippines and the surrounding islands of Mindanao, Luzon, and Bilao. Most of the common varieties are embroidered with names of family members and holy persons. There are also other barongs that feature intricate floral prints or simple script designs.

There are also Barong Tagalogs that are worn by government employees and Filipino soldiers during military operations in Mindanao and the Eastern Visayas. In fact, the term "barong" has come to mean a shirt or blouse, regardless of its material or design. These items are also commonly worn by males during social events in the Philippines and abroad. Although this article is focused on the use of Barong Tagalog in rural areas, any attire with the term "barong" can be assumed to be a Barong Tagalog.

It is popular not only in the rural areas but also in the rural communities of the cities in the Philippines and abroad. They are worn by both men and women belonging to different age groups. The younger generation, especially the youth, prefer wearing Filipino style Barong Tagalog that features a longer and fuller look at the front. The materials used for its manufacturing are mostly nylon and cotton threads. The woven look of the Barong Tagalog is due to the intermingling of different fabrics.

Barong Tagalog has a long tradition of being a favorite attire worn by rural Filipinos, particularly the youth. However, due to modernity and the modernization of their countries, some younger generations have evolved to wear other types of embroidery, such as the Italian-style knitted cardigans. The Philippine fashion industry has also given rise to a new and varied type of barong Tagalog. There are now several types, such as:

Jusi - The Jusi or "Joint Suit" is a shortpiece usually made of fabric and padded with cotton or silk. It can either be short or long. It can be one-piece ensemble or a pair of pants. Jusis are often seen in traditional Filipino weddings and functions. Today, you will see a lot of younger Filipino girls wearing this traditional jusi during various social events.

Pi - The Pihamang, also known as a "coat," is a long piece of cloth that typically wraps around the waist and reaches up to the chest. It is draped on either side and belted at the front. The Pihamang is usually worn as a shawl or blanket during the cold months. Some examples of a barong Tagalog containing a Pihamang are: Babi, Kapanon, and Tianga.

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