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The Importance of Barong Tagalog to Filipinos

barong tagalog for men

The Barong, a symbol of Filipino national identity, is made up of combination of pre-colonial and Spanish-colonial clothes. Weddings and funerals are the most common occasions for males to wear the Barong, which is a formal equivalent to the feminine Filiniana Silk, polyster, and pineaplle and banna leaves are the most popular materials used to create the fabrics. The because of transparent structure. The absence of pockets, half-down buttons, slits on the sides, and embroidery are just a few distinguishing features

Spanish colonial Philippines saw a widespread use of barong tagalog (and barot' saya) among lowland Christians. Names like "tagalog","Indio", and others were established to differentiate local clothing from that Euorpeans and other non-native civiliztions.

Although the Barong has been worn since pre-colonial times, President Ferdinand Marcos declared it a national garment in 1975. As the first president t wear a Barong at their inauguration, Ramon Magsaysay helped popularized 1953. Because of the strong influence of Western fashion at the time. Magsaysay's outfit choice represented a return to Philippine national identity and independence rather than a nod to the country's colonial heritage.

In today's time, many Filipinos, even non Filipinos, proudly wear Barong Tagalog as cultural staple. The Barong Tagalog is a proud symbol of Filipino identity amid a time of identity uncertainty and foreign cultural overload.


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