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The barong Tagalog, also known simply as barong, is a simple long-sleeve formal shirt for males that originated in rural areas in the Philippines. Barong Tagalog blends elements from both the classical indigenous Filipino and pre-colonial European clothing styles. It has become a staple of Filipino life and most Filipinos today own at least one piece of barong Tagalog in their wardrobe. Barong Tagalog can be traced back to the early nineteenth century when the then Foreign Legionaries of Spain brought with them their version of barong.

Barong Tagalog is composed of two basic materials - coarse-x cotton and fine-x silk. Fine-I fibers are more expensive than coarse-x, but they are softer, and they make for a comfortable shirt. Most men who buy barong Tagalog prefer to buy the ones made of fine-a fiber since these kinds tend to be well ventilated. In addition, these kinds of fibers are also lighter in weight, so they do not feel heavy on the body unlike heavy woolen fabrics. These fibers also dry faster than heavy woolen fabrics.

Barong Tagalog is worn in offices, church gatherings, and family events such as weddings and funerals. In fact, it has been said that the Philippines was the first country to popularize the use of this type of clothing, specifically when it was called among Tulu. This type of clothing has its origins in the Philippines and traces its history back to the late 19th century. In those days, Filipino workers in Europe were assigned to wear long dresses made of fine cotton. It was said that they were also required to buy barong Tagalog to make themselves look more fashionable when traveling to distant places.

As years passed by, Filipino workers all over the world were assigned to work in factories that manufacture clothing. During the early days, barong Tagalog were made of ordinary shirts but later on, with the advent of technology, they were converted into different formal wear. These shirts became available in various colors and designs. Some were embroidered with logos of big companies and brands and bore their company's logo. These shirts were now regarded as a must-have in Filipino households especially for workers.

Barong Tagalog was adopted as the official dress for the Filipinos working in the textile mills of Europe during the colonial era. Because these shirts were too expensive for common people, many businessmen and merchants brought home along Tagalog from Europe to create their own custom-made formal wear for the Filipinos. Some of them used it as an alternative to English shirts. It was also common for them to wear it on special occasions like Confirmation Ceremony and Wedding Ceremony.

There are many ways to wear barong Tagalog. One way is to use woven fabrics like Kikuyu, guayabera, and riurik that came from Mindanao while others prefer to wear long sleeves worn with collars made of belting materials like lambda. Others even wear long sleeved shirts with embroidered barong Tagalog on it. Whatever a person's preference in doing it, the fact is that barong Tagalog still remains as a staple formal wear of the Filipinos today. Shop to find the perfect Barong that enhances your personal style today.


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