Barong Tagalog for Men: A Fashion Statement with Embroidery

The Barong Tagalog for men, simply put is a fashion statement that features embroidery. Known as a Baro or Barong men wear this popular, embroidered, long-sleeved formal dress shirt. The Barong Tagalog for me is traditional Filipino national dress. Barong Tagalog combines elements from the colonial and precolonial indigenous Philippine garments styles with western influences. It is said that the first Barong Tagalogs were made from basic cotton the Spaniards prohibited the import of silk, and other fabrics, so pineapple leaves were utilized to create the delicate, silvery, transparent fabric that you see today’s modern barong tagalog made by.

Barongs may have originated from the colonial period, but are still worn today. Although forced to wear this garment by the Spanish, the Filipino culture has transformed this garment into a point of national pride and elevated its original design to include intricate embroidery and feature polo barong and custom barong tagalog styles. Filipinos wear this garment with pride both in formal and informal gatherings. The Barong Tagalog was originally created to distinguish the native Filipinos from the Spanish Colonizers. The Barong Tagalog is a fashion statement for men and is made with no pockets, delicate fabric, long sleeves and embroidery everywhere. Over time men wear barong tagalog for business, weddings, political meetings and more.

Barongs are available in many different styles and colors. They are available from in blue, white, gray, and green colors. The can be either a long sleeved shirt or a short sleeved shirt. Barongs come in various styles that include button down shirt with a collar, without a collar, polo style, regular collar or mandarin collar; barong tagalog jackets and more. Men wear barong tagalogs with long sleeves in colder weather. Short sleeves are preferred for warmer seasons when it is better for people to cover their upper body. Depending on the occasion, a barong tagalog can vary in its featured style.

Embroidery for the Modern Barong Tagalog for men can feature a variety of embroidery styles. One style option is to have embroidery in columns. You can have one column of embroidery. Next you can have two columns of embroidery. You can have one column on the right and one column on the left hand side of the front of the Barong Tagalog. Another embroidery style is to feature embroidery all around the placket of the shirt. This is a great way to make your barong tagalog even more stylish and formal looking. Finally you can have embroidery all over the front of your garment. This is a fabulous way to make your custom barong tagalog stand out from the crowd.

Custom Barongs Tagalogs are for sale on and come with options for different lengths of sleeves, a wide variety of colors, different collar styles, embroidery styles and lengths of fabric. Barongs are available in many different lengths and can be purchased from They can be made in any fabric and style that you want. They are easy to care for, but you must take care when washing this delicate garment. When choosing fabric, make sure it is something you will enjoy wearing multiple times in the future. It is simple to care for your garment. Please hand wash your Barong Tagalog in mild detergent and cold water. Before wearing them, make sure that they are completely dry.

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