Common Mistakes When Wearing a Barong Tagalog

The Barong Tagalog may quickly boost the appearance of the wearer if it is designed with attention to fit and shape. At weddings and other formal events, it's expected to be worn with dark slacks and black formal shoes, which are often black

For the barong Tagalog, Filipino men tend to stick to conventional appearances and fashions, unless they are an artist or someone who wishes to stand out in crowd.

First mistake is not having your Barong Tagalog tailor-made or customized for your body shape. Most Barong Tagalog are made specifically for someone's body shapes as the fabric used is not stretchable like other materials. You'll need some "sartorial techniques" of you have broad shoulders but a short torso, such as taking in the shoulders and the lengthening the coat or barong.

Second, the barong tagalog should be seen as a long-term investments rather than one-time pierce of Filipiniana. Consider how long you'll be able to get away wearing it. It is also widely used in Filipino themed events or any formal events in the Philippines. For some occasion wearing Barong Tagalog is crucial, such as weddings, funerals, graduation, etc.

Lastly, whether or not you should wear a barong undershirt is a personal preference. It is customary to wear a round-neck t-shirt underneath a barong Tagalog. Wearing a long-sleeved camisa de chino under a transparent barong is considered suitable.

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