What is a Traditional Barong Tagalog?

The Barong Tagalog, or as it is commonly referred to, the traditional barong dress shirt, is a long sleeved, formal shirt usually for men. The Modern Barong Tagalog combines elements from both the traditional Filipino national dress and the modern urban styles. This type of shirt has become a staple in every Filipino's wardrobe, especially since there are so many different styles available. While the Filipino culture is typically associated with a very casual and relaxed look, the use of barongs as part of formal wear has been prevalent since the 19th century. Today, barong dress shirts are a common wear in every social event.

Many traditional barongs are actually made of pleated fabric, though there are also a few that are made of cotton. While most barongs are cut in a square shape, there are some that are cut in a round or rectangular shape. These types of shirts tend to be quite long and incorporate embroidery with very luxurious fabrics. Barongs are typically very comfortable and come in many different colors and styles. Barongs made for women can be sheer or made from a variety of fabrics. While they don't have pleats, barongs made for women often have wide collars.

However, unlike men's barongs, women's barongs do not tend to be trimmed with much embroidery. Instead, this style of barong dress shirt is made using straight lines and traditional stitching patterns. Some women's barongs are even made using intricate floral designs. In recent years, a number of manufacturers have begun to create women's barongs that are made from organic material. Barongs made from organically grown cotton fabrics have been becoming increasingly popular.

Barong Tagalogs for both men and women can be found in a wide variety of materials, from heavy fabrics like silk, satin, and Terry cloth to lightweight fabrics like denim. Some barongs are even made out of materials that are designed to help insulate the wearer during hot and cold weather. These designs are especially popular with the urban youth of today.

Modern Barong Tagalogs are normally made using threads that are knotted in one or two rows, though there are some that are made from braids or cuffs. Barongs are also made in a variety of colors and styles, that feature both plain and ornate embroidery. Some barongs feature small buttons and ribbons, while others are made with laces and sequins.

Traditional Barong Tagalongs tend to be made of heavy materials, and are quite durable. They are usually made out of heavy cotton fabrics, although they can also be made from denim. Barongs are typically quite stylish, with a large collar and large buttons that are easy to button and fasten. Some may even feature metal buttons that make fastening them easier.

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