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We can produce all types of Barong Tagalogs (for children and adults) using different fabrics, colors, and other unique designs. Whatever your request is, our experts and tailors can get it done!

We offer a variety of products including:

* Short sleeve and long sleeve polo barongs
* Long sleeve Barong Tagalogs
* Long sleeve Barong coats
* Long sleeve Chinese Collar Barongs
* Wedding party barongs
* Office barongs
* School barongs (for both teachers and students)

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Here are a few samples of barong tagalogs

White wedding Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog

The barong Tagalog, also known simply as barong, is a traditional long-sleeved national dress for both men and women of the Philippines. Barong Tagalog combines elements from both the colonial indigenous Filipino traditional and modern Spanish attire styles. Barong Tagalog has been continuously worn by Filipinos and foreigners alike on different occasions such as celebrating festivals, celebrating friendship and marriage, going to the hospital, going on a family outing, visiting relatives, going to the Church or temples, hanging out with friends, visiting a nursing home and even on vacation. In fact, Barong Tagalog has become a staple in the Philippines for all occasions and is worn not only by men but even by women. It is a type of dress code that is still practiced by Filipinos and is passed down from generation to generation.

Barong Tagalog comes in many versions. offers the polo shirt style, formal, informal, wedding barong tagalogs, and the school and office barong tagalogs. The shawl-fold version features a closure at the neck with the material falling over the shoulders; this version is usually accompanied by a pair of drawstring pants called pajamas. A barong Tagalog of this type which is used for a formal event has long sleeves, a waist belt, and suspenders. It can also have slacks, if the wearer so desires. For the draped version, the dress is laced or wrapped around the torso with a couple of folds where clothes are hung.

Barong Tagalog has many variants which include variations in materials, cuts, shapes and colors. Some barongs are made from materials such as wool, cashmere, silk and leather. Other barongs are made from fabrics similar to those used in winter clothing: mohair, Merino wool, suede, brushed twill and others. There are also some that are made from vinyl. In terms of cuts, there is also a variety of barongs. Those that resemble the traditional Filipino Gordo are available. These are narrow in width and extended to the legs. They are usually tapered at the front or back, with some incorporating a slight slant to the back. Barong Tagalog is characterized by their vivid, bright colors. There are also those that are more subdued and feature earth tones. Some barongs are printed with images or text while others use ribbon or decorative lace to tie together.

Moreover, the Baro't Saya or Baro at Saya literally called "blouse and skirt" is a traditional dress ensemble worn by women in the Philippines.

Shop to get the best custom barong tagalog for your needs. We have offices in the United States and the Phillipines to help you get your best garment.


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