How to Choose the Best Barong Tagalog?

The Barong Tagalog, otherwise known as barong or baro, is a long-sleeved dress shirt for both men and women. This Phillipine Cultural phenomenon is typically worn by local law enforcement personnel, government officials, school teachers and businessmen. The Barong Tagalog shirt has long been the attire of men in the Philippines, but it is slowly gaining popularity among Filipina women as well, as it is more in line with traditional Filipino fashion. Barong Tagalog combines aspects of both the early indigenous Filipino and colonial Spanish attire styles. Women are even wearing Barong Tagalogs at weddings.

Barong shirts are usually short, ranging from about to one meter (3 feet). These shirts can come in two basic designs: a solid color shirt or a shirt style like polo or dress shirt with graphics, embroidery, or some other print on them. Both designs can be printed with intricate images like flags, national emblems and other symbols. Some barongs have a design with a specific color, which can be either solid or stripes.

The first thing you have to consider when purchasing the perfect Barong Tagalog is what design and type of Barong that you want. There are so many design options available. Do you want a short sleeve or long sleeve barong? Do you want the Polo style or the Barong coat style? Do you need your barong for school, the office or a wedding? Is this Barong Tagalog for a man or a woman?

Next, choose the material from which you would like to purchase your design. You can choose between silk, cotton, Terry cloth, wool, brocade and denim. Silk is typically more expensive, while the cheapest among the four materials are made of Terry cloth. Cotton, wool and Terry cloth material is relatively cheap. The cheapest is the denim barong.

Once you've decided on the design, you must consider its color and design. There are barongs that come in red, green, white and blue. However, the most popular color is white. It's a bit of a stretch to think that white barongs could be the most popular colors in the country, but still, there are some who wear white barongs.

If you are thinking of buying a barong for your son or daughter, then a simple design is an excellent choice. is a great place to purchase the official National dress of the Philippines also known as Barong Tagalog. We have a sizing and style guide available on our website for your purchasing convenience. Please check out the various designs and patterns available so that you can choose the design that you like the best. Our custom service allows you to choose a design that is in line with your own personality. In doing so, you will be guaranteed that your barangong is not only stylish but also personal.

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